Answers and questions

How do I book an apartment, house for rent or a mini-hotel, which I came to stay?
- To reserve apartments, houses or private mini-hotel in the direction you want the city to contact the owner, contact information is listed in your chosen subject, and this mobile number and the owner's mailbox (Email).

What time and check-out from the selected object I rent?
- Standard check-in daily apartment, house or private mini-hotel begins with 13-00, and the eviction of the object at 12-00 on Ukrainian time. These standards are supervised residence time of most of the cities of Ukraine and Autonomous Republic of Crimea. For all other details according to time of residence, you can always negotiate with the landlord separately.

How many people can live in a daily flat?
- The studio apartment can accommodate two people, two-room apartment 4 people, three-six people, and in four-room up to 8 people. And this is not the limit; there are apartments, equipped with extra beds. These are all the details directly to the description of the chosen apartment.

What factors depends on the price category of apartments that rent by owner?
- The order of price, which sets the owner of an online, depends on the quality of repairs made by him, the availability of home appliances and the location of the apartment daily.

What currency can I pay for living in an apartment, home or daily mini-hotel?
- For the majority of the owner of acceptable payment for housing in the national currency - the hryvnia, but possible option to pay for a prior agreement in U.S. dollars and euros at the rate banks on the day of arrival.

Can I object before booking my daily real estate to see it with my own eyes?
- This option is available for pre-arranged with the owner. This time is set by the owner when it can be free for you to peruse, and not inhabited by other residents.

Do I need a deposit for the selected my accommodation?
- All owners of the house rent are to prepay differently. For some it is a prerequisite when booking facility for a short period, but not for others. Prepay first night of stay - a 100% guarantee that you will not change plans after booking. Thus, the owner insures your arrival into his chosen property.

How is the cleaning of the apartment?
- The apartment is cleaned before your check in it, after the eviction of her, and if it is a longer residence times of a separate agreement with the owner once every 3-4 days.