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Now you do not have to look for apartments in Alupka without intermediaries. You've come to the right portal that gives you the opportunity to choose a holiday apartment for rent by owners in the town of Alupka. Ukrainian portal for rental by owner offers a wide selection of rental apartments, houses, mini hotels for rent in Alupka. All apartments and houses are equipped with everything necessary for comfortable living and leisure in the resort town, so to rent an apartment for rent in Alupka, and still no middlemen, no longer will make you easy. Apartment Alupka - is the choice of people who value comfort, convenience and safety, not overpaying extra money for vacation in the Crimea. Alupka is located on the southern shore of the Black Sea 17 km from Yalta. The city stretches along the coastline - 4.5 km. Alupka is one of the largest resorts and health centers of Crimea. Beautiful nature, the sea and views of the Ai-Petri create an atmosphere of coziness and warmth. Became a kind of symbol Alupka Vorontsov Palace. Unusual combination of eastern and western architectural elements, foreign and interior decoration of the palace hit his skill. For many years in a row artists and students of art schools come to the Vorontsov Palace, to capture on his canvases stunning architecture and decoration of the palace. Of course, the original layout and non-standard style in the architecture of a solution worthy of special attention. Separate interest Alupka Park, which adjoins the Vorontsov Palace. This is a stunning monument of landscape architecture, in which there are about 200 exotic trees and shrub species. The 40 hectare park Alupka you'll find palm trees, olive trees, araucaria, Laura, and many other plants. But that's not all! Being near the Vorontsov Palace did not miss the opportunity to take a walk in the mountains. The cable car to the top of Ai-Petri, like a majestic fortress towering over the coast. The breathtaking panorama from the top of his amazing picturesqueness. From a height of 1182 meters overlooking the coast from Ayu-Dag mountains to the cat. Nature has created a unique environment for rest and recuperation in Alupka. And do not forget to visit the base of the Leningrad Art Institute. Repin Street Rosa Luxemburg.

FAQ - questions and answers

How can you rent an apartment for rent in Alupka on

You can contact the owner directly by phone, Skype, Viber or using the message sending form.

Can I place my apartment for rent in Alupka on

Of course! With a simple registration you can place your offer for free.

How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Alupka on

Now our catalog contains offers from 200 to 4000 UAH / day.