Boryspil airport departures and arrival


Your attention is given to the online scoreboard of the airport "Borispol", through which you can find out the schedule of the aircraft, the time of departure and arrival for today and tomorrow.

The international airport "Borispol" is by far the largest in Ukraine, which provides about 65% of passenger traffic. About 50 foreign and national airlines carry out transportation from the airport "Borispol". It has three passenger terminals and two runways.

Terminal "B" mainly serves passengers who intend to travel within Ukraine, and also partially serves the passengers of international flights. The terminal houses representative offices of various airlines, travel companies, a business center, luggage storage, cafes, bars, shops, and internet access. The registration area consists of 43 racks, 17 cabins for passport control, and 7 security control points.

Terminal "F" has 30 check-in counters with a baggage and feed weighing system, 2 border control posts and 1 rack with oversized luggage. The registration area itself is also equipped with Web-kiosks, thanks to which the passenger can register independently to speed up the registration process.

Terminal "D" has 60 check-in counters and 6 for Web-registration, 18 control points, 28 cabins for passport control. For convenience, the terminal is equipped with escalators, elevators and travelators. Also the terminal contains a VIP lounge, for the most demanding connoisseurs of comfort.